Mary leaves Ascot Speakers for a new adventure in Southampton

By Jordan S

25-11 maryMary C is sadly leaving us for pastures new. She has been associated with Ascot Speakers even before the first meeting.

Mary saw Paola’s post on to people who had a fear of public speaking – and the rest is history.

Paola, Club Sponsor and VP Education, quickly realised that Mary was helpful and organised with an eye for detail and a love of design. Together they discussed how to organise the club materials so the meeting room could be set up and cleared away efficiently.

Together, Mary and Paola were mentors to Anantha for her first speech and to Emilio for his last. Mary did all these things because she cared about this club and wanted to be part of its success. When Mary was on the committee she went above and beyond what was expected from the role. Paola states:

“Mary will be an asset to any club or organisation she joins.”

Mary sat on the committee with her role as Sergeant-At-Arms. It was such a pleasure to have Mary in this role, explaining to the club members and guests where the toilets and fire exits are, as well as banging on the lectern to adjourn the meeting.

However accomplished a speaker you are, you always learn new things at Toastmasters. Mary said:

“for me the greatest thing I have learned is that I can do far more than I give myself credit for and I have already made my life better.

Mary’s most memorable club meeting was when James did his humorous speech and included many hand gestures: “the tears were running down my face”. Mary also commended Nikita’s Icebreaker speech where she showed huge courage in opening up to club members about her life.

“The best thing about Ascot Speakers Club is the warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere and that’s what I will miss most about it.”

Mary is moving to Southampton where she hopes to join the Hamwic Speakers Club.

Ascot Speakers wish you all the best, Mary, in your new life there and of course your onward Toastmaster journey.

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