22 Jun 2016 AGM Meeting: Abundance

By Paola K

Special meeting

2016-06-22-img_2583The venue of this meeting was at Ascot Racecourse because our normal venue wasn’t available post-Royal Ascot.

This meeting started with the club’s Annual General Meeting. The AGM included a summary of the club accounts, short reports from members of the existing committee and elections for the new committee from 1 July.

New committee 2016-2017

Club President: Jacqui H, DTM
VP Education: Ruth M
VP Membership: Karolina E
VP Public Relations: Jordan S
VP Mentoring: Hira S
Club Secretary: Paola K
Club Treasurer: Paola K
Sergeant-At-Arms: Ann M
Webmaster: Paola K


Hira S receives her Charter Member certificate

After a break, Club President, James H, kicked off a regular Toastmasters meeting. He welcomed two guests and then awarded charter member certificates to Sheila H, Hira S and Anantha R who hadn’t been able to attend the charter dinner when most of the certificates had been given out. Charter members are members at the time of chartering at the end of April.

The Toastmaster of the Evening, Karolina E explained the agenda and meeting protocols. She introduced the meeting theme of Abundance. The evening’s Timer, Mike M, and Grammarian, Nikita P, explained their roles. Nikita introduced the word of the day: Plethora (and Plethoric).

Prepared Speeches

The first speech was by Salter H with an Ice Breaker, the first speech from the Competent Communication manual. Entitled, Who Am I, he described himself, what he was interested in and what he did.

Nicola M also did an Ice Breaker speech. She talked about her career and interests.

The third speech – A snapshot of my passions, purpose & story – was delivered by Hira S as her CC6 speech, the Vocal Variety project. She used quotes and related conversations with other people as opportunities to vary her voice.


Nour S was Salter H‘s evaluator. She noted that Salter already had a good start because he seemed to have no fear of public speaking. She commended Salter on his good humour, the fact that he memorised his speech and didn’t use notes and his use of pauses. She recommended to use the stage rather than stand in one place. She ended by commending Salter on using humour.

Jacqui H evaluated Nicola M‘s Ice Breaker speech. Jacqui noted the good use of triads – groups of three – in Nicola’s speech. She also commended Nicola on her speech structure, her clear voice and good pace. Jacqui noted that Nicola held notes on small cards discretely but did not refer to them. Jacqui recommended that Nicola introduced pauses after quotes and to use the stage more. Nicola was commended on her use of words, the flow and clear voice.

Sheila HA was the evaluator for Hira S‘s sixth speech. Sheila commended Hira for opening her speech with a question. She also noted that Hira spoke clearly. Hira had asked Sheila to look out for her volume specifically because Hira had previously received feedback on talking too quietly. Sheila recommended Hira to use her voice in different ways, such as making it soft to focus our attention. That said, she felt that Hira had met the project’s speech objectives in using vocal variety.

Nikita P gave her report as Grammarian. She started by saying that there was a plethora of good English and minimal poor English. She complimented all speakers of the meeting. She noted minor aspects to clarify and grammar, giving specific advice to Hira S and Salter H, whose first language wasn’t English. Nikita also asked people to try to eliminate phrases such as “you know” from their speeches.

Jordan S was the General Evaluator for the first time. This role is usually given to experienced Toastmasters. However, as a new club, most of our members are new and are all gaining experience from watching and doing roles. Jordan gave a thorough overview of the meeting, from the alternative venue, the room set-up to evaluations. She gave constructive feedback and suggestions on every major role-holder.

Best Evaluator, Jacqui H


Club President, James H, gave out some milestone awards:

Ice Breaker by Nicola M

The venue of this meeting was at Ascot Racecourse because our normal venue wasn’t available post-Royal Ascot.

  • Salter H and Nicola M received the Ice Breaker: Achievement Unlocked certificate for delivering their first speeches
  • Hira S received the Area Contest Ready certificate – (winners of club contests can compete in Area contests only if they have delivered at least six speeches)

James H gave out three certificates awarded by the Grammarian, Nikita P:

  • The Least Ahh’s and Umms went to Sheila HA
  • The Most Expressive Use of English went to Hira S
  • Nicola M received the certificate for her use of the word of the day, plethora

Finally, James H presented certificates for the Best in session, voted on by everyone at the meeting:

  • Best Evaluator: Jacqui H
  • Best Speaker: Hira S
Best Speaker, Hira S

Thanks go to Chris C for his meeting notes.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 13 July 2016.

Ascot Speakers looks forward to welcoming you then.

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