23 Aug 2017 Meeting: Motivation

By Melvyn K


Melvyn K opened our meeting as our Sergeant at Arms. (He was also the Videographer

for the meeting). Melvyn introduced Ann M, our President. Ann mentioned about upcoming events including the local Humorous Speech Contest and Speechcraft course. She also elaborated on the importance of confirming whether you would be actually attending upcoming Toastmaster evenings via the Easyspeak RSVP. Ann then welcomed our guests including our local Area representative Leela and also Kasia C as our Toastmaster for the evening.

Our Toastmaster Kasia C chose Motivation as her theme, went through the evenings agenda and protocols used on club Toastmaster evenings. Ifiok Jr, our Grammarian for the evening, announced Ecstatic as his word of the day. Louise M, introduced her role as Timer.

Ascot Speakers Meeting Award Winners

Prepared Speeches

Kasia C  spoke first with her speech “Motivation” from Speciality Speeches 5 – Introduce the Speaker. Kasia confidently related her very analogy of Speakers being like growing plants that needed to be nurtured by giving them feedback.

Our second speaker was Mark M who captivated us with his wonderful speech entitled “The Road to Wembley (Arena)” as Competent Communication project 1 – Ice Breaker.

Reshmi B was our next speaker with her speech “Unlock your creativity” as  – Research your topic. Competent Communication project 7. Her  uplifting speech gave us some great ideas to inspire us.

Our final speaker was Jacqui H with very humorous speech  ‘Mondays’ from The Entertaining Speaker 1 – The Entertaining Speech relating her amazing Monday morning story.

Best Speaker – Jacqui H



Table Topics

Puveshni P was our very capable Table Topics Master for the night and give us some excellent motivational questions.

Ann M spoke about the time the thought of failure had motivated her to do well.

Julie H – spoke about which politician she would choose to motivate students to get out and vote. Her choice was U.S. President Donald Trump as she felt he would definitely excite the voters one way or another to vote either for or against.

Nicola M– told us what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning, namely her early morning run in the forest to set her up for an enjoyable work day.

Anna G answered the question on what motivates her to get in the kitchen to cook. As she doesn’t cook that much anymore she related that it is mainly social gatherings that motivate her to cook these days.

Hira S related what she thought motivated staff to stay with their employer namely feeling valued by their organization and feeling they can progress.

Ada (Guest) told us how she had been motivated to take ublic speaking to the next level.


Best Table Topic – Hira S



Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well.

Chris C commended Mark M for the bold, enthusiastic start to his debut speech. We got good idea of his interest in music and the idea that we should go & see live music. He also liked use of different phrases ‘nervous anticipation’ & ‘sheer joy of the occassion’.  Chris recommended maybe more structure with introduction that led through to the end and possibly less glancing at notes in future but welcomed Mark to the club & thanked him for an entertaining speech.

Hira S commended Reshmi B for backing up her points with research and using flowing body language. She recommended possibly explaining things a little bit more. but enjoyed the good pauses and a beautiful smile throughout the speech.

Adam S thanked Jacqui H for her speech and explained the objectives of an entertaining speech. That it was definitely relating to personal experience & stayed in time. Good features of an advanced speech. He also noted that whenever the speaker paused the audience responded with laughter or groans of realization.

Julie H evaluated Kasia C. She commended her for her open body language and how she grabbed the attention of the audience with the question ‘How do plants grow?’.

Evaluating Table Topics, Olivia C commended Ann M for engaging her audience  and good stage presence.

Ifiok Jr focused on good grammar and vocabulary, commending Mark M for several excellent descriptive phrases.

Ann M as General Evaluator commended all the speakers taking part in a lively evening.

Ann P concluded our meeting with the awards. Best Speaker award went to Jacqui H for her excellent entertaining speech. Best Evaluator for the evening was Adam S and Best Table Topic was Hira S.

Best Evaluator – Adam S


  • Best Speaker – Jacqui H
  • Best Evaluator – Adam S
  • Best Table Topic – Hira S
  • Icebreaker Achievement Unlocked Prize – Mark M
  • Halfway to Competent Communicator –
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day –
  • Most Expressive Use of English –
  • Least “Ahh”‘s and “Umm”‘s –


Best use of Word of the day – Kasia C


Ice Breaker Achievement Unlocked – Mark M receives award from President Ann M



Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 13th September 2017.



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