14 Feb 2018 Meeting: Passion

By Melvyn K


Our latest speakers club meeting turned out to be quite eventful in more ways than one as we had to use a different and somewhat smaller room for the start of our meeting due to some rather unforeseen circumstances . However, we enjoyed a cosy table topics session to begin with before our normal session for prepared speeches on this passionate day. Melvyn K opened our meeting as our Sergeant at Arms by giving a brief intro into facilities at the club and handed over to our President Ann M at Ascot Speakers who welcomed our guests to our third meeting of 2018. Ann reminded us about the exciting upcoming speakers and evaluators contest on the 14th March.  She also commended Puveshni P for volunteering for the role of Toastmaster at late notice for the evening.

Puveshni P handled the change of room scenario very well and gave us her theme for the evening ‘ Passion’. She then went through our club protocol of HATS and introduced Mark M, who ably explained his role as Timer for the evening. Liam was then followed by James H, who explained his role as Grammarian for the evening by reminding us how it helps expand our listening skills. He also mentioned how he would monitor the number of ums and ahs used, language and grammar usage together with giving us the word of the day ‘Flame’. Puveshni then mentioned the agenda for the evening and how it would be slightly different from normal.

Table Topics

Our Table topics master was Ann M, who gave us some great questions to challenge us with. Karen S was first off talking about her increased love and use for Easyspeak, an undiscovered gift, a previously undiscovered gift. Nikita P answered the preposition that we must act out of Passion before we can feel it (except in the case of criminals she hastened to point out). Nick H enthusiastically elaborated on how he made his favourite Passion fruit recipe with his Vitamix. Ulla (guest) gave us her view on the Passion flower and artfully changed the subject. Julie H discussed the Nelson Mandela statement that there is no Passion in playing small with regard to her love of cycling. Mark M gave us his take on the Oprah Winfrey statement ‘Passion is energy’ citing the exploits of people like chef Gordon Ramsay. Jacqui H gave her reply to the statement ‘nothing is more important than Passion’ highlighting passion as volunteer at the Paralympics.

Prepared Speeches

After our customary break for refreshments we resumed with our steadfast Toastmaster Puveshni with our session for prepared speeches in our normal spacious venue room at All Souls Church.
Jacqui H started off proceedings with her comprehensive educational talk on ‘Pathways’ (the replacement for Competent Communicator and Leadership Manuals), illustrating the benefits of the new system compared to the old one.
Melvyn K then gave us an interesting look into the benefits of the world of 5g communications with his speech entitled ‘Watch out! 5G Networks are coming your way’ (Competent Communication Manual – 5- Your Body Speaks) but also it’s dangers if we get swamped by it’s excessive microwaves.
Nikita P was the last speaker who gave us a very emotive speech called ‘Let go!’ (from Speciality Speeches – 2- Uplift the Spirit) relating how after situations like bereavements or family troubles Toastmaster clubs like Ascot Speakers can act almost like substitute families in that they provide a nurturing environment for helping us develop and enhance speaking & leadership skills.



Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well and we had some good ones tonight.

Reshmi B was our Table Topics Evaluator for the meeting and she thanked all the participants for their enthusiastic participation in our downsized but cosy temporary room for the first part of the meeting.  Karen S then gave the evaluation for the first prepared speech by Melvyn K commending him for the interesting, relevant contentJulie H was the evaluator for the second speech by Nikita P and commended her for the way she sensitively engaged the audience. And finally Nour S gave summary of the evening as General Evaluator .




  • Best Table Topic – Nick H
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day –
  • Most Expressive Use of English –
  • Least “Ahh”‘s and “Umm”‘s –

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 7th March 2018.

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