It’s all in the mind!

This week we adopted the theme of mental health for our meeting. Our first speaker, Rumana, treated us to a speech about her work experiences of building to support peace, followed by a Q&A session. This was in preparation for a job application. Although there were plenty of questions from the audience, Rumana took the precaution of having a well prepared ‘buddie’ in the audience to start the process and ensure she got good relevant questions. This is a great tip for anyone doing a Q&A session.

Our second speech was an ice-breaker from our newest member, Ute. She told us an amusing personal story about working around the world and how she learnt a wide range of different languages as a result. We were very impressed!

Table Topics followed the theme of the evening with an entertaining array of interesting topics related to mental health. We now know that we should use post-it-notes to remind us of good habits, where to go to get free rhubarb and that hugging Sheila’s dog (who appeared in person) is a great way to make you feel better.

If anyone was feeling a little down before the meeting, by the end we were all feeling fabulous!

Next meeting is on May 26th 

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