National Opposite Day

We marked the ‘National Opposite Day’, which was actually the day before! So we had an ‘Opposite’ themed evening. To match with this theme, we had ‘Reverse’ as word of the day, where everyone had to use this word in their talks.

Our three excellent speeches were about Walls, starting from David educating us about the Great Wall and then Arteh, enlightening us about breaking the walls that we create for ourselves! Sheila then shared her journey of six (or seven?) decades of exciting life and career in seven minutes!

We were then entertained by Jean’s table topics where we had to sell a range of products starting from a tummy fluff remover to drunk driving finger detectors! We even had to sell salad dressing to the giants!

It was an entertaining evening indeed, with Sheila, Amanda, and Jacqui winning the speech, evaluation, and table topics awards.


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