Gavel travel…

Before I start my blog to update you about our last meeting, let me confess that I didn’t know what a ‘gavel’ is. I thought that it is a hammer, that the judges use to keep law and order in the court! But our visiting Toastmaster Bonnie proved it wrong!

Bonnie is the Assistant Area Director of Area 29. She came all the way from Twickenham, to pass on the gavel to our Area Director (Area 21) Amanda, who is also now our newest club member. For Bonnie, it was the first face-to-face meeting after two years of zooming. The Gavel gave her the opportunity to meet us all, as it makes its way round Division D.

In Bonnie’s own words,

 ‘I am from the Riverside Communicators Club in Twickenham. Other clubs in my area are Ealing (Trojans), Brentford (GSK) and Uxbridge (BMS). Today, I visited BMS (Uxbridge Toastmasters) meeting online with the gavel less than two hours before your meeting, having just travelled from Epsom a day ago for its last online appearance! 

The gavel started its journey from my home club in Twickenham on the 19th of January, now completing its journey in our area, with Sutton Speakeasy and Epsom Speakers to add before your club!

Very touched by your warm hospitality at Ascot and Bracknell, I’ve lots to learn from you all!’

Like the Olympic Torch, Bonnie indeed had to do a long travel with the Gavel! Now it is Amanda who is zooming at a speed to win the Great Gavel Race! But, at our cosy Toastmasters evening, we felt that we were not racing to win. We are all enjoying each step in our speaking journeys in our own pathways by simply having fun together.

We loved learning from Mike, our returning member, on his ‘mid-life crisis’ that made him come to a theory on ‘How our brain works?’ and ‘Why we still remember our first kiss!’. Maria, our table topic master made our creative juices flow when we had to describe ‘What a simple painting could look like?’, or ‘‘What will be the content of our novel titled ‘Equilibrium’?’ Finally, Stefan who was not sure to join the session in the beginning, surprised us, by winning the table topic in his first-ever visit to a Toastmasters club!

We were delighted to have so many guests who were waiting for this moment to join us, for the face-to-face meeting experience after a long time of zooming for two years.

Looking forward to seeing you all again, very soon.


Our next meeting is going to be a ‘speech and evaluation contest’ (online), where the winners will go to compete with other clubs (online). 23rd February (7:00 PM for 7:15 start).

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