Competition! Competition!

Did we say before that we are not competitive in toastmasters? Well, sometimes we are when it comes to representing the best speakers and evaluators from our club.

Our second meeting in March was online and it was all about getting ready for the competition. Our speeches from Jacqui and Phillip were about practicing to be the best for the area contest.  They got valuable feedback from all of us. This made Jacqui win the area speech contest a few weeks later. So did Rumana, who practiced her evaluation of Jacqui’s speech, which helped her to secure third place in the area contest.

Then we had mind-blowing table topics by Chris, who followed our theme of the evening ‘Mapping the past, mapping the future’. These topics ranged from, ‘Is it better to map it all out or to go with the flow?’  to ‘If the aliens laned on earth, what three destinations could you map out for them to visit?’  and many more. These engaging topics ended up having three members, Rumana, Amanda, and Phillip winning jointly the best table topic awards. And we liked sharing our success.

Rumana and Jacqui

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