Guide: Blogger of the meeting


Please note that, in accepting the role of blogger for the meeting (thank you!), you commit to send the write up by the end of the weekend following the meeting.

Send your finished text to the Club Webmaster.

Have a look at one or two recent meeting blog for the blogging style. Target max word count: 750 words

Start the post by saying what the theme of the meeting was, whether anyone won any special awards (e.g. completed a level in the Pathways Education Programme) or if there was anything significant that happened (guest speakers etc.). Give the meeting theme and the Word of the Day. Say who was Grammarian and Timer.

Style guide:

  • members’ names – first names and first letter of their last name in bold, e.g., Susan F
  • role names – first letters capitalised, e.g., General Evaluator
  • projects in italics – e.g., Competent Communication manual Project 9, Pathways Level 2, speech 3 etc.
  • awards – italicised and first letters of each word capitalised, e.g., Best Use of the Word of the Day

State if it’s the first time a member is doing a speech or role. Total target word count for the introduction: 100 words

Prepared speeches

For each Speaker, give their name, the speech title and manual project (e.g., Icebreaker). For each Speaker, write a sentence or two on about their speech. Total target word count: 150-200

Table Topics

Say who the Table Topics Master was and their theme for the questions. Then write a sentence or two on who did a Table Topics speech. Finally, say who won the Best Table Topic award and why. Total target word count: 150-200


Write a sentence to explain the point of the Evaluations. Then, for each speech evaluation, summarise the commendations and recommendations for each Speaker. Summarise the Table Topics Evaluation, ending with who Best Evaluator. Total: 100 words.

Finally, in this section, give an overview of the Grammarian’s report and the General Evaluator’s report. 30-50 words

Say who closed the meeting and summarise any final comments, announcements or feedback. 50 words

Next meeting

Give the date of the next meeting. For example:

The next meeting will take place on 26 April 2016 at All Souls’ Church, South Ascot from 7.15pm to 9.30pm.

Ascot Speakers looks forward to welcoming you then.

N.B. Use the same sub-headings in this guide in your write-up. Refer to the agenda for the order of meeting sections. If you get stuck, please refer to the Remembrance Meeting post or contact the Webmaster.