How to edit meeting videos


You will be give access to the club’s YouTube channel.

Edit and upload videos within 5 days of the meeting.

  1. Extract video files from memory card
  2. Edit videos and add title screen
  3. Upload to club’s YouTube channel as unlisted videos
  4. Mail members with URL of their new video
  5. If borrowed, bring club memory card to the next meeting (or post to the SAA)

Memory card

Please use your own SD memory card (minimum 4GB).

Let the Sergeant-At-Arms know if you need to borrow the club’s SD card. However, you must return it before the following meeting.

After a meeting, remove the SD card from the camcorder.

What gets recorded

All prepared speeches are recorded.

Ask the Videographer who else requested a video of their meeting report (Speech Evaluators, Table Topics Evaluator, Grammarian, General Evaluator) and make a list (because there might be more videos recorded than require editing).

For each meeting, make one video per person (e.g., speech objectives + evaluation report) unless specifically requested to record a whole session.


This section describes Paola K’s approach as the club video editor for a year. She used video-editing software iMovie. Alternatively, you can upload individual videos directly to YouTube and use the editing tools there.

For each imported video:

1) trim video to start when the speaker appears into frame

2) trim video to end when the speaker walks out of frame

3) crop video to closer to the speaker (ensure they stay within the crop area during the whole video), maintaining aspect ratio


4) Fix contrast, temperature and lightness

5) iMovie Volume: Auto

6) iMovie Noise reduction and equaliser: Reduce background noise: 10% + Equaliser: Voice Enhance

7) Add title screen (cliub, name, meeting date, CCn or role abbreviation) and transition (Paola used Cross Dissolve)



8) Create video file with filename that includes the meeting date, the person’s first name and their project or role (e.g., Karolina – CC4 – 8 Jun 16 or, for an evaluation, James evaluating Karolina’s CC4 – 8 Jun 16, or Nikita – GE – 8 Aug 15) in low or medium resolution.

9) Upload to the club’s YouTube channel (ask the Webmaster for login details) as an unlisted video

10) YouTube video Basic info:

– include first name, project and meeting date in the video title (e.g., Karolina – CC4 – 8 Jun 16 or James evaluating Karolina’s CC4 – 8 Jun 16)

– include club name and meeting date in the video description (e.g., Ascot Speakers, 8 June 2016)

11) YouTube video Advanced settings:

– uncheck checkboxes

– set Recording date to the meeting date

12) After all the videos have been uploaded, notify every person who has new videos

E.g., for speakers


Videos from last week’s meeting



The video of your CC4 speech last week is at

The evaluation of your speech is at

They are unlisted (hidden) videos.

I hope you find them useful.

E.g., for role holders


Video from last week’s meeting



The video of your evaluation report last week is at

It is an unlisted (hidden) video.

I hope you find it useful.