Guide: Greeter

Role basics

  • Give a warm welcome to all Guests
  • Collect names and contact details
  • Give them a name badge
  • Give non-Toastmasters a Welcome pack
  • Introduce all guests to an Ascot Speaker’s member
  • Prevent congestion at the doorway

How to do the role

I) Be ready to greet people by the entrance to the room from 7pm

II) If you don’t recognise the person who enters, ask if they’re a member of Ascot Speakers

IIIa) Guests (non-Members)includes Toastmasters from other clubs

  1. ask them to sign in on the Guest form (green clipboard)
  2. write their first name in marker pen on a Guest (green) badge to give them
  3. make sure they fill in the rest of the form*
  4. tell them where to help themselves to refreshments

* We need to know how people heard about the club. If they write “Internet”, ask them for specific information (e.g., Google search of what?, Meetup, Facebook?)

If the Guest is not a Toastmaster from another club:

  1. give them a Welcome pack
  2. introduce them to a member, explaining to both that the member will look after them

IIIb) Ascot Speakers Members

  1. ask them to sign in on the Toastmasters form (orange clipboard)
  2. (if they don’t have their and badge and it’s not on the table) write their first name in marker pen on a Toastmasters (red) badge to give to them
  3. ask them to move away from the entrance

4) return to the room entrance – repeat from II)

Anything not clear? Ask the VP Membership.