Fifth Wednesdays

Ascot Speakers holds special 2-hour meetings on some fifth Wednesday of months. These are for Toastmasters to practice specific skills.

These meetings are custom to meet specific needs, rather than a normal Toastmasters meetings with speeches, topics and evaluations. The role holders are minimal, just to faciliatate the meeting (e.g., Toastmaster of the Evening and a Timer).

The following ideas are for half a meeting (= 50 minutes).

What we’ve done at past fifth Wednesday meetings

30 March 2016

1) session of short speeches to practice pauses – 15 words in 45-75 seconds

2) EU referendum theme session:

– a prepared speech on why the UK should remain in the EU

– a prepared speech on why the UK should leave

– a 25-min discussion moderated by Monican Horten for project 4: Handling Challenging Situations in the Facilitated Discussion advanced communication manual.

30 September 2015

1) Table Topic speeches with immediate group feedback

2) deliver 20-60-second prepared pitches (for use in business or social situations), with immediate group feedback