8 Jun 2016 Meeting: Development

By Anna G


2016-06-08-img_1435Sergeant-at-Arms Ann M opened the meeting and welcomed everyone before passing onto Club President, James H.

James welcomed guests and new member Nour S.

Our Toastmaster for the Evening was Paola K, who described the agenda and protocol. She introduced the meeting theme of Development.

Salter H explained his role as Timer and demonstrated the lights. Grammarian Julie H introduced the word for the evening ‘Ameliorate’, meaning to make better.

Prepared Speeches

Nee V delivered her second speech from the Competent Communication manual. In her speech – ‘Work less, earn more’ – Nee began confidently by asking the audience two questions. ‘Do any of you want more money?’ and ‘Do any of you want more time?’ She gave excellent business advice on how to save costs and time and used some inspiring and thought-provoking words.

Reshmi B gave project 4 speech from Competent Communication manual, entitled ‘Are you hitting the high notes?’ She opened her speech by playing background music; this gave it a nice, unusual twist. Reshmi then went on to say how she was inspired to use Raja yoga music in her dental practice to help her patients relax. She explained research had shown that music in medicine gave better function and had a positive effect on life.

Karolina E also delivered project 4 with a speech entitled ‘My strategy for delivering my passion.’ She began by getting the audience involved asking ‘who is passionate about anything’? She went on to explain her key objectives of business as head of marketing, to recognise her goals, to influence potential customers and understand how they may benefit from her brand. She also explained the importance of PR. A good, all round informative speech.

Emilio S gave a wonderfully descriptive speech from the Storytelling advanced manual. His speech title was The story of my family house.’ He explained how the house was built by his great grandfather in Eastern Europe. It was substantial family home with 9 bedrooms. The house was seized by the then Communist government. However, after the fall of communism in the 1980s, it was returned to the family for the princely sum of £7.36p. Three years ago it was sold for £650k.

Best Speaker, Reshmi B

Table Topics

Our Table Topic Master for the evening was Hira S. She explained this was the time in the evening when members were asked to “think on their feet”. Topics were all on the ‘development’ meeting theme.

Asked to speak about how knitting had changed his life. James H began his entertaining and very funny speech by pretending to knit with his fingers and went on to say his had been taught by his mother. Later in life he made a bobble hat for his son. He explained how therapeutic and relaxing knitting made him feel.

Ann M spoke about her life as a body-builder and how addictive it had become, she explained that with effort, we all could have a body like hers. Advising that buying protein powders could be expensive so go for smaller protein shakes. As always, Ann made us smile.

Jamie C told us how being fluent in Japanese had improved his life saying how when holidaying in Japan he was able to find his way around easily because he could read signposts. Added to this, he explained that it was a great conversation topic because Japanese was a very unusual and difficult language to learn.


Evaluations are designed to give feedback to speakers to help develop and improve their speeches.

Jacqui H evaluated Nee’s speech saying the pace of the speech was excellent. Jacqui praised Nee for getting audience participation and using descriptive phrases such as the ‘hinge to the door’. She also commended Nee on giving good advice such as “you are the average of 5 people you spend most time with”, having a mentor, and learning from mistakes and outsourcing work to reduce workload.

Jordan S evaluated Reshmi’s speech. Jordan began by saying she loved the Raja Yoga music. She praised Reshmi’s good choice of words such a “crashing” and “patter of rain.” Jordan commented on how good the eye content was with the audience; she also liked the use of hand gestures. Jordan ended by saying that Reshmi had certainly “hit the right notes.”

James H evaluated Karolina’s speech. He complimented her on her great expression. He said that her speech had structure depth and warmth. James praised her opening questions to the audience. After a slight fault half way, James said that Karolina showed confidence and carried on to give a good speech.

Ian S evaluated Emilio’s speech. He complimented Emilio by saying it was entertaining and had good structure. Ian liked the detailed description for the church which gave excellent visualisation but felt that the house, which was the main part of the story ,could have been described in more detail. Ian praised Emilio for not needing any notes to refer to along with good communication with the audience.

Nour S was Table Topics Evaluator, doing an evaluation role for the first time.

Nour said she liked James’s speech, commending his good body language. She recommended that he move less around the stage. Nour commended Ann’s body-building topic for its humour and recommended better vocal projection as Ann’s voice was quiet at times. Nour liked Jamie’s topic structure and conclusion to his speech. She thought his 1,2,3 points were very clear in explaining how his ability to speak fluent Japanese had benefitted him in life.

Nikita P gave her General Evaluator report. She described Jacqui H as a seasoned hand, delivering an evaluation like a well-prepared speech. Jordan S gave good advice to Reshmi and obviously liked the yoga music. James gave a very solid evaluation for Karolina and had a very powerful tone. Nikita commended Ian S on giving good points and advice to Emilio. She recommended that Ian give his report in the third person.

Julie H was our Grammarian for the evening giving excellent advice, making very valid and positive points for all speakers.

Best Evaluator, Jacqui H


Grammarian award to Reshmi B for Most Expressive Use of English and for using the word of the day several times.

Best Table Topic went to James H.

Best Evaluator – Jacqui H

Best Speaker – Reshmi B

James H awarded Nikita P her official Competent Communicator badge.

Ian asked for guest comments. Guests Swati and Chris said that had just submitted their application forms to join and had enjoyed the evening very much.

Next meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday, 22 June 2016.

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