Spring has Sprung and we are feeling REJUVENATED!

This week we embraced the warmer weather and celebrated the new shoots springing from the spring soil in readiness for a much better year. Our Grammarian (for the first time) was Ruta, who challenged us to feel rejuvenated. She must have done this well, as almost everyone used the word!

Our 3 newest members, Jawad, Abdullah and Ruta  were formally voted into membership, who with our guest, brought a breath of fresh air to the meeting too. To complete the spring feeling completely our first speaker was an Icebreaker from Jonathan,  where he shared some stories we didn’t know. Our second speaker was Rumana practising for a job interview. How many of us have done a job interview with an audience I wonder?

Table Topics continued the theme with almost everyone taking part. But we could only have one winner, well two actually with Ruta and Dan taking the prize. Evaluations finished the evening, including a great evaluation of Table Topics from Kiran, but the vote went to our experienced evaluator Jacqui.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening, so why not come along to the next meeting?

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