Volunteering for a new year

As this was the night of our AGM, it seemed entirely appropriate to have the theme of ‘volunteering’ for this meeting. We began with the AGM and reports from the current committee. The committee are a group of member volunteers who run the club on behalf of the members. As this year’s President, I expressed my thanks to them for coping with what has been a very challenging year for the club. I’m sure all members would like to do likewise! Then we elected our new committee, who will take office from 1st July 2021 for a year. They were elected unopposed and are:

President – Dan B

VP Education – Jacqui H

VP Membership – Rumana K

VP Public Relations – Ruta M

Hon Secretary – David F

Treasurer – Puveshni P

Sargeant @ Arms – Ann McC

The main TM was next with 2 speeches, one from me on the challenges and lessons learned for leading the club through the Pandemic, and one from Rumana on Inclusive cities. A lively TT session followed on the theme of volunteering led by Sheila, which was very entertaining.

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