There is no such thing as ‘‘Can’t’’

We had an excellent International Speech and Evaluation Contest in our last meeting.

We had Maria, David and Jacqui taking part in the Speech Contest with speeches titled, ‘Fake it, till you make it’,  ‘The man and his new pants; and ‘There is no such thing as can’t’. All these speeches were very engaging and funny at the same time. 

For the evaluation contest, the mystery guest speaker Tony gave a touching speech titled ‘Eva’, a story of an eight-year-old girl and her twin sister, surviving the second world war. Tony was evaluated by Simon, Rumana, and David and was given valuable feedback on his speech.

It was the first time for Simon and Maria to take part in a contest.

And this is what ‘Simon says’ 😉,

I really enjoyed the format.  It’s the first time I’ve been involved in a competition format, so it was a complete unknown.  The breakout rooms I thought worked really well, but I do recall it being a challenge to note down all the points I wanted to report in the allotted time; that said, I suppose that’s the skill this activity is there to help participants develop.

Maria shares how she felt to take part,

“I am glad I have taken part in the competition. The nerves were high and Jacqui’s winning well deserved. Congratulations to her and Rumana; and good luck in higher-level contests!

Although at our Toastmaster’s club, we are very friendly and supportive, we can be competitive, when we embrace ourselves in the spirit of winning. We are willing to ‘Fake it till we make it!’ just like Maria and Simon did by controlling their nerves and developing new skills for a lifetime!

Jacqui rightly says, in her winning speech, There is no such thing as can’t”.

Jacqui’s dad used to tell her, ” There is no such thing as can’t”

And I say that we can throw ourselves into the deep end of the dark waters of the competition, at whatever stages of our Toastmasters journey we are in. We can test our nerves to see how far we can go, just like David did, by braving himself to take part in both the contests  and feeling totally chilled about it,

‘‘ The contest was a blast and such fun. Everyone was well organised and very welcoming. I would happily attend such a wonderful group in the future.“

It is worth the experience that counts, not winning. Now, our club contest winners Jacqui and myself will be taking part in the area competition next month, to enjoy the adventure of throwing ourselves into the further deeper end of the Toastmasters Area competition.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting,

at The Parks Community Centre, 9th March, 7:45 PM (arrive at 7:30 for registration).


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