Exciting, challenging and .. Penguins?

Yes, it was our club contest. Jacqui kicked off the contest with her offering for the International Speech Contest with an emotional story about ‘ The Last Penguin’, who was called Perry and his last sad story to find a fellow Penguin. As she was the only volunteer, the club voted for her to go through to the Area contest on behalf of Ascot & Bracknell Speakers. I’m sure Perry the Penguin will be practicing hard in preparation. Our target speaker for the Evaluation contest was David, who regaled us with his story of ‘his friend Ian’, who was a science fiction buff and lover of Dr Who.  Our brave volunteer evaluators went off to write up their notes, while the rest of us enjoyed an entertaining session of Table Topics about what we would do once Lockdown was lifted.  Then the evaluators came back and shared their insights about David’s speech. First place went to Ann and second place to Rumana. Ann will join Jacqui at the Area Contest on Saturday 13th March.

Open House on 10th March

Our next meeting is a special meeting focused on greeting guests. We have more than 10 guests signed up so far, and would welcome more.  We need members too of course, so don’t forget to sign up on Easyspeak. The format is as for a normal club night, but with more time to allow guests to have a go at Table Topics, and with more info about Toastmasters. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining as a guest, please invite them along. The Eventbrite page for guests to book is