28 Oct 15 Meeting: Ice Breakers

macabreBy Ian S

For our second meeting in October, I was the General Evaluator.

We experimented with a different room layout. This meant we had a wider stage so that Toastmasters could move about more and use more body language and eye contact to keep everyone engaged.

The theme for the meeting was “Trick or Treat?” and the word of the day was “macabre”, which had an excellent introduction from our Grammarian Yannick.

We had three speeches, two of which were Ice Breakers; it is always good to see someone begin their Toastmaster journey.

The winning speech was Karolina’s “A fortunate Swede”, referring to the nationality not the vegetable!

The evaluations were of a high standard with well signposted recommendations and plenty of positive feedback. Christina, a guest from the Woking Speakers was awarded the accolade of Best Evaluation.

We had a fun Table Topics session – based on trick or treat – run by the talented Sheila Hamilton-Andrews.

Overall, a very enjoyable and well organised meeting.

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