11 Nov 15 Meeting: Remembrance

By Jordan S


Last night’s club meet with the theme of ‘Remembrance’ saw a couple of milestones. It was the first club meeting to have all speeches and roles fulfilled by its own members. In addition, Emilio successfully delivered his 10th speech, thus completing his Competent Communication manual.

The word of the day was set by our Grammarian, Nikita: mindful/mindfully. Karolina was our Timer for the first time and managed her role superbly.

Prepared Speeches

The evening commenced with three prepared speeches. We heard a fantastic Ice Breaker, with no notes, from our newest member Hira on whether there is such a thing as luck. It was concluded that there isn’t and that luck is down to sheer determination and hard work to get the results she wanted to obtain.

Our next speech was Emilio’s tenth speech to inspire the audience and he certainly accomplished this task talking about ‘Hidden Fears’.

Our final speaker was Anthony who undertook speech number two from the advanced story telling manual. Anthony relayed the most exhilarating account of when he escaped from school one weekend and trusted a friend to stick to his word and drop them back in his tale of ‘Mick the Knight’. Anthony won the award for Best Speaker.

L-R: Jonny (Best Use of the Word of the Day), Hira (Ice Breaker), Emilio (Competent Communicator), James (Best Evaluator), Kitty (Best Table Topic), Anthony (Best Speaker)

Table Topics

Our Table Topics session was headed for the first time by Richard. He introduced the session with a beautiful piece on his father’s experience of World War II at Dunkirk. The Table Topic questions were variations around the theme of remembrance.

Sheila, Anantha, Kevin (a guest) and Kitty were called upon to speak impromptu. Kitty won Best Table Topic speech, answering what her peaceful place is when she tries to go to sleep. She recalled the beautiful walk she has recently been on through the Camino and made the audience believe we were all there with her.


The evaluation section is important as it is a chance to give feedback to the speakers and make some recommendations for next time.

Paola evaluated Hira’s first speech suggesting that in future she becomes more confident and use hand gestures more. Jacqui evaluated Emilio’s speech where she suggested he built up to a bigger finale. Finally James evaluated Anthony’s speech, which was already faultless, but recommended thatAnthony could have kept the suspense up for even longer.

Jonny did a marvellous first time evaluation of the Table Topics session, delving into each speech and picking out what the speaker did well and giving some suggestions. James won Best Evaluator.

Nikita our Grammarian gave us a fair report on the amount of ‘umm’s and ‘ahh’s and incomplete sentences the speakers used. Jonny won Best Use of the Word of the Day in his Table Topics evaluation.

Sheila, our General Evaluator, gave a comprehensive evaluation of the evening giving some insightful knowledge on how it could better be run from her wide experience of Toastmasters.

Thank you to James our President and Paola our Acting Sergeant-at-Arms for closing the meeting with the awards and any final comments on the evening.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 25th November 2015.

Ascot Club looks forward to welcoming you then.

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