Nikita wins Best Table Topics at Croydon!

By Paola K

Ascot member, Nikita, won the award for Best Table Topics speech for the first time, at Croydon Communicators!

Nikita visited Croydon Communicators on 12 Nov 15 with Ascot Club Sponsor & VP Education, Paola. Paola had met Club President, Paul, at the D91 Toastmasters conference at the weekend. She had heard about different ways of running meetings and wanted to see it in action.

[agenda]Paola was asked to step in as an evaluator for an advanced speech after an evaluator dropped out. Nikita and Paola both did Table Topics speeches.

Nikita’s topic was about a about a time she had been adventurous with food. She told us a time she was in the desert with an army escort. They showed her sources of sweet water and shards of salt, as well as fruits such as dates. She painted a vivid picture which she delivered in a confident way.

It was a very well-deserved award – well done Nikita!

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