Social Media Survey Analysis

By Jordan S

On 23 November 2015, a survey was sent out to all Ascot Speakers members asking them about their social media use.

The aim of the survey was get a gauge of the most popular sites and times people are online in order to schedule posts accordingly. The survey was e-mailed to all club members. 15 responses were received (68% response rate). The results have proved very interesting.

Everyday Usage

When asked what social media sites members used every day, the majority use Facebook (60%) on a daily basis.

Following that LinkedIn and YouTube were the next most popular (40%), then Twitter and (33.3%). Finally Meetup (20%).

Members were allowed to select more than one social media application to answer this question. Ascot Speakers has just set up a Facebook account; it was good to hear that the majority of members are active on Facebook.

Frequently Used

When asked which social media application do they use most often, Facebook was the most popular (47%), followed by YouTube (13%) and Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup and all level pegged (7%).


When asked what the reasons were for using social media, the majority of members said to catch up on the latest news and to keep in touch with people (20%). 13% use it for work and seeking new opportunities.

Understanding why people use social media can help target our members and potential new recruits to our club. If people use social media for work reasons, they may be looking for something more specific. Whereas, if they are just browsing when bored, they may be aimlessly looking but come across something new.

Time of Day

When asked what time of day they used social media, the majority are online in the morning and evening and evening to night. The least popular times were afternoon-evening.

This is great to know because it means posts can be scheduled to go out at a time when people will already be browsing. If something gets posted at 3pm when no one is online, by the time they come online at 5-6pm the post could have been lost in the rest of their feed.

How Long For

When asked how many hours a day they spend on social media, the majority spend less than one hour online.

This goes hand in hand with the question before: if someone is spending less than one hour online and only looks in the morning, there is a very small window of time to post something to grab their attention.

Recommending the Club

When asked how likely it would be that the member would recommend Ascot Speakers to a friend or colleague, the survey found an outstanding 93% of members would highly recommend the club.

This is excellent news for the future of the club. The proof will be in the pudding next year, when we host more events to get more people on board.

This survey is not a wholly true reflection of the club’s behaviours on social media applications. There were only 15 respondents, 68% of membership. There could be a number of reasons for this: a) they aren’t big social media users in the first place, b) the survey wasn’t circulated for a long enough time with reminders, c) people are too busy to fill out a survey that doesn’t directly affect them. We know club members respond to emails from the influx of responses had for the Club Christmas Meal.

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