Ascot Speakers 2015 Christmas Meal

By Jordan S

On Wednesday, 9th December, Ascot Speakers members and friends of the club joined together in festive cheer for the club’s first Christmas meal. Most of the club attended for a great dinner, Table Topics and a host of awards.

The club – which usually meets 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesday at Jagz in Ascot – met for dinner the second week of December at nearby restaurant, Ascot Grill.

Everyone arrived in good spirits.

After getting a drink at the bar, we sat down to enjoy a delectable three-course meal.

This meal would not have been a Toastmasters gathering without some fun Table Topics involved. Throughout the evening, the President, James, would clang his glass and call upon someone to give a Table Topics question to another member.

Once someone had answered a question, they were the next ones to ask their question.

The questions ranged from festive questions such as: “What’s the most memorable gift you received?”to club related questions such as “If Ascot Speakers had to have a club anthem, what would it be?” to plain awkward questions such as “Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin: Snog, Marry, Kill?”

Both the questions and answers provided plenty of entertainment for ourselves and the eavesdropping chefs in the kitchen.

Certificates were awarded on the night for a number of things. Some certificates were based on the evening and some were given out as awards over the year.

Additional judges for the evening’s awards included Ascot member,Sheila, Monica (President of Maidenhead Speakers) and Clinton (Camberley Speakers).

Evening awards

  • Saint Nick Award – for seasonal jollity: Jordan (for her Father Christmas dress)
  • Bon Viveur – for powering on through early signs of tipsiness:Ruth
  • The Beautiful South – for ability to ‘Carry on Regardless’ of restaurant distraction: Ian
  • The Breakthrough Broadcast Award – for the first applause elicited from another table: Richard
  • Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – for deepest devotion to Christmas in a Table Topic:Kitty
  • Most Imaginative or Expressive use of English: Ann
  • Goodwill to all Mankind – for best expression of warmth, kindliness and empathy – Kitty
  • Best Table Topic QuestionYannick
  • Best Table Topic AnswerAnantha (voted on by everyone)


End-of-year awards

  • Club Sponsor – for starting a club that’s attracted the most awesome members: Paola
  • Most Table Topics Speeches: Anantha
  • Won Best Table Topics every time: James
  • Most blog posts written: Jordan


L-R: Ananatha, Yannick, Ian, Richard, Kitty, Jordan, Ann, Ruth, Paola

It was an evening enjoyed by everyone and Ascot Speakers looks forward to welcoming the members, and hopefully many new members, back in the New Year.

Next meeting

The next Ascot Speakers club meeting will take place on Wednesday, 13 January 2016.

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