Reshmi’s Toastmaster Sucess Story

By Jordan S

2016-03-reshmi-successReshmi B has been a member of Ascot Speakers for 9 months.

She has delivered four speeches from the Competent Communication manual, has been a Table Topics speaker three times and a Table Topics Evaluator twice. (A Table Topic is an impromptu speech between 1-2 minutes.)

We asked Reshmi how Toastmasters, and in particular the Table Topics session, has helped her outside the club. This was her response:

Joining Toastmasters has really empowered me in my communication skills. Toastmasters provides an invaluable opportunity to get supportive feedback on the way everyone speaks.

This is undoubtedly beneficial because the way we speak has such a fundamental role in all aspects of our lives.

I am a dentist and I was invited by a lecturer to role-play in front of an audience. Instead of having that normal heart-sink feeling, I drew on my Toastmasters experience and relished the opportunity. Public speaking became enjoyable!

I was astonished at the end when I was approached by a Practice owner. He wanted to offer me a job at his practice! I had clearly impressed members of the audience with my communication skills.

This was purely down to my experience at Toastmasters. I feel that there isn’t a single person who cannot benefit from joining.

Who knows what possibilities are out there for you and who knows where your Toastmasters journey will take you.

There’s only one way to find out – take the leap of faith (if you haven’t already), start your adventure and never look back.

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