24 Feb 16 Meeting: Where’s the Beef?

By Lynn S


2016-01-13-ruth-sThe meeting was opened by Ruth M, Acting Sergeant-at-Arms. Ruth welcomed everyone and explained that this week’s meeting with a twist. The night comprised mainly of prepared speeches and no Table Topics. Finally she kindly reminded us of housekeeping items.

Ruth introduced James H, the Club President who welcomed new guests and formally introduced our newest Club Member Jamie C. James then passed on to the Toastmaster of the Evening.

Ian S, was our Toastmaster of the Evening. He explained the theme of the evening which was ‘Where’s the Beef?’ and relates to the Presidential election in the USA. Without substance there is no killer and no filler! What a great metaphor for us all to ensure there is great substance to what we are saying. He then explained meeting protocols, the agenda and introduced the word of the day.

Ian mentioned that there will be 5 speeches and 5 evaluations and the word of today is CRUX – the key problem or part and encouraged people to use it as much as possible, whenever possible.

Unknown ObjectWarm Up

paola-demo-sIan handed over to Paola K who was this evenings first ever Warm Up Master at Ascot Speakers.

Paola introduced this new 10 minute fun session where we all get the chance to speak and get us warmed up for the evening.

Paola explained the rules and encouraged us to also use the word of the day. She started off a story and everyone had to add to it starting with the word ‘Fortunately…’ then the next person had to start their sentence with ‘Unfortunately…’ This proved to be great fun and certainly got everyone warmed up.


The first speaker of the evening was Kitty H. She was doing her second speech from the Competent Communicator manual entitled ‘The Seasons of My Life’.  She described very cleverly her life’s journey using the four seasons.  It was a beautiful story of the ups and downs in life culminating in a powerful message for us all: “it is how you cope with life’s challenges that makes the difference”.

Our second speaker was doing her third speech – Hira S.  Hira was doing speech number 3 from the Competent Communicator manual. Her speech described how marketing on a limited budget is more than just producing leaflets. The speech was simple yet engaging and we all felt we knew a lot more about marketing by the end of it. The word of the day was also cleverly interwoven into her speech.

Reshmi B was our third speaker who was doing her fourth speech on the good fortune of joining The Millionaires’ club. She entertained us with a wide use of words that we practically felt like we were there with her. A gripping speech involving dreams and Ferrari’s with an inspiring end of ‘never stop dreaming’.

Emilio S our speaker number 4 delivered a speech from the Storytelling Advanced Manual. His folk tale entitled: ‘The Ultra Marathon Challenge’, was based on Aesop’s classic story of the Hare and the Tortoise and then brought to a real life situation of a 61-year-old Australian man who ran the Ultra Marathon and won.  It was an inspirational example that you can achieve anything you want, no matter how slow you are as long as you don’t stop.

Jordan S, our fifth and final speaker, delivered her second speech. She started with a great opening sentence – What makes a good leader?  It was a fantastic speech covering 3 leaders who may or may not have been good people but who shared one common characteristic, the ability to speak to and persuade hundreds of people and change the world.


Ann M was Kitty’s evaluator. Ann loved the use of an Angel in the speech which provided for a strong introduction. She commended Kitty on a well-structured and organised speech and the clever use of the seasons as a metaphor which helps us to understand what might be coming next. A great delivery and got to the crux of the matter!

Nikita P was Hira’s evaluator. Nikita applauded Hira for a fantastic introduction and structure which put us all at our ease and left us with a better understanding of marketing. The objectives were nailed and Hira had improved tremendously.  Hira was awarded Most Improved Speaker.

Richard A was the evaluator for ReshmiRichard commented that he always looking forward to hearing her speeches. He described how the introduction immediately got our interest and great words and phrases kept us intrigued about what was happening next.

Sheila HA evaluated Emilio’s speech. Sheila explained the requirements and objectives of doing a folk tale speech and provided a number of recommendations that would enhance Emilio’s speeches in the future.  A great tip for presenting a folk tale is to pretend you are presenting to children.

James H was the Evaluator for Jordan’s speech. James felt that we were being treated to a great message with inspired us to keep listening.  He loved the logical and interesting design of the speech and the examples of good and bad characters of the 3 leaders mentioned.  A powerful ending with all of the objectives achieved.

L-R Hira: Most Improved Speaker, James: Best Evaluator, Jordan: Best Speaker

Jordan won the Best Speaker.

James won Best Evaluator.

The evening ended with awards and announcements and was closed by Ruth.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on the 9 March 2016.

Ascot Speakers looks forward to welcoming you then!

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