Karolina’s Toastmaster Success Story

By Jordan S

karolina-eklundKarolina E has been a member of Ascot Speakers for seven months and has delivered the first two speeches from the Competent Communication manual, winning Best Speaker for her second speech.

As well as this, she has delivered three Table Topics speeches, been Timer, a Speech Evaluator and Grammarian.

We asked Karolina how Toastmasters helped her at work.

She told us:

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters since September 2015, for almost six months. During that time, I have had the chance to deliver two speeches and the privilege to listen to numerous speeches from other Toastmasters.

It’s been a very enlightening experience so far and I’ve realised that I have talents that are still untapped and underdeveloped. Toastmasters has, with its warm and encouraging atmosphere, enabled me to strengthen my speaking skills and made me generally more confident at work and in social settings.

For example, in November last year I delivered a presentation at a seminar in Dubai on a technical topic. My performance was so convincing that I was perceived as an expert and asked for a follow up meeting.

More recently, I was asked with only an hour’s notice, to deliver a presentation to the Executive Management Team at the company I work for. Without any nerves, I was able to establish a friendly and engaging atmosphere, resulting in positive feedback.

Finally, just the other week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one of the spokespeople scheduled to deliver a sound bite to camera pulled out last minute and I stepped in instead. The video production company thought I pulled it off really well and I very much enjoyed the experience!

Congratulations Karolina. What fantastic experiences you have enjoyed after realising your untapped and underdeveloped talents. Ascot Speakers cannot wait to see you continue to flourish on your Toastmaster’s journey.


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