10 Aug 2016 Meeting: Olympics

By Jordan S


2016-08-10-img_0048sSergeant at Arms Ann welcomed us and introduced us to Club President, Jacqui. Jacqui welcomed guests and new member Hannah to the club. Jacqui then passed us on to our Toastmaster of the Evening, Jamie. This was Jamie’s first time in this role.

Jamie explained the protocols and introduced the Grammarian, Ann who explained what she would be looking out for and introduced the word of the day: victory. Nour, the Timer for the evening also explained her role and the importance of keeping in time.

Unknown ObjectPrepared speeches

Melvyn was our first speaker and he did his Ice Breaker speech entitled ‘So what’s it all about?’ He told us about his parents and various careers including working in nature. He shared that he had been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of interesting places over the years.

Our second speaker was Nicola, she did speech number two from the Competent Communication manual. Her speech was: Are fats healthy or not? She described three different types of fats, how you should eat them and what to be wary of. Nicola’s speech was highly informative and interesting; she said that hydrogenated fats should be avoided. She concluded that fats “are your friend, not your lover.”

Jordan was our third speaker doing project three, Get to the Point from the Competent Communication manual. Her speech was entitled: Your school days are the best days of your life. She picked out three reasons why she loved and misses school: school dinners, learning things and getting into trouble. Jordan’s speech was humorous and engaging.

The final speaker of the evening was Hira whose speech was entitled: Are you getting enough of it? She delivered project seven – Research your Topic from the Competent Communication manual. Hira asked whether we get enough sleep – the focus is usually on getting enough exercise or eating enough vegetables. She recommended 7-9 hours’ sleep a night to be fresh, alert and focused. She ended by giving the audience three tips to a good night’s sleep: have a sleep schedule – go to bed at the same time even on weekends, have a sleep routine – read or do some deep breathing. Finally, to turn off electronic devices or blue screens as they interfere with the sleep hormone.

Table Topics

Abby was the Table Topics Master this evening for the first time. She introduced the theme to her session in a way that fit with the theme of the evening: Olympics. She did this by giving a quick report of what was going on in Rio at the time before commencing with her first lucky victim.

James was up first, answering whether he thought it was a good idea that the Olympics was held in Rio. James said it was a magical place and there’s no better place than Rio in the Southern hemisphere to host the games.

Michelle, a guest, was the second in line who described a sport she liked. Swimming was her favourite sport and she described a time where she was in a swimming race destined to win but during her race dislocated her elbow.

The third person called upon was Nikita who had to give an acceptance speech to a gold medal in the gymnastics. Nikita described a time when she took up figure skating with her son and imagined herself winning a competition.

Anna was the next person called to the stage to answer, why she hates eating chocolate whilst watching the Olympics. Anna admitted she was a chocoholic and hates eating it whether she’s watching the Olympics or not because the crumbs can get down the sofas and make a mess.

The next Table Topic was: You’re a swimming coach what do you say to the athletes before they swim? Ann was up to answer this and engaged us straight away as if we were her team. Getting us in a huddle, telling us to focus and practice our Michael Phelps face.

Finally Sheila answered how she would persuade her friends to watch the Olympics. Sheila said she would go to her East Enders-and-Corrie-watching friends’ houses and offer them a chocolate gold medal if they watched just one event and could tell her who won the medals.

Melvyn K, Ice Breaker award


Sheila evaluated Melvyn’s Ice Breaker and commended firstly on his welcoming smile and ability not to use notes. However, she recommended that he printed speech headers to place on the lectern so his speech could flow easier without the worry of forgetting where he was in the speech. She commended him on breaking the ice!

Nour evaluated Nicola’s speech and commended her structure and met all her objectives and no use of notes. She recommended more open body language, the use of pauses and a smoother transition into the conclusion. Nour loved Nicola’s voice projection and sense of humour that was “weaved in”.

Jacqui evaluated Jordan’s speech, commending her humorous examples and stories. She recommended slightly fewer examples to enable more time to expand on the stories. She also asked in future that Jordan be clear on which objective she was addressing (humour or inspiration in this case). Jacqui loved Jordan’s enthusiasm for the topic.

James evaluated Hira. He commended her purposeful and relaxed movements around the stage. His recommendation was to not talk about how she got her information but rather spend more time discussing the information she had. He loved her three tips at the end to help people get the most out of their sleep.

Paola was our evaluator of the Table Topics session. She gave an overall fantastic evaluation to each speaker following the commendation, recommendation and something she liked about each one.

For James she liked his hand gestures, volume and pace, asked him to think about what his feet were doing and felt that he filled the time with interesting information.

Her evaluation of Michelle was she had confident hand gestures but recommended to slow down and give more time to think about what to say but liked that she was engaging.

For Nikita, Paola thought it was a very well structured speech but to think about hand gestures.

Paola thought that Anna had natural hand gestures but suggest making more eye contact with the audience.

For Ann, Paola thought she brought the story alive with her hand gestures but felt that it was a bit fast and in slowing down Ann would have more control. Paola thought Ann’s topic was creative and funny.

Paola thought that Sheila was very good in stepping to the front of the stage and using big gestures showing control of her space on the stage. Sheila had good vocal variety but recommended in slowing the pace down to enhance the overall vocal variety using speed.

Ann was our Grammarian and concentrated on all the positive things she had heard. Although she was slightly dissatisfied with how little the word of the day was used she asked the audience for some suggestions in where else the word could be displayed to make it easier for speakers to include it in their speeches. Overall she commented there was good use of grammar, diction and expressions and she picked out phrases or words she enjoyed from different speakers throughout the evening.

Nikita was our General Evaluator and commented that the timing was well kept and that was due to the Toastmaster sticking closely to the agenda. She evaluated all the evaluators in good detail offering suggestions and commendations.

Best Speaker, Jordan S


Club President, Jacqui, presented the following certificates to members:

  • Ice Breaker: Achievement Unlocked to Melvyn K
  • Most Expressive Use of English to James and Nicola M
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day to Nicola M
  • Best Table Topic and Best Evaluator to Sheila HA
  • Best Speaker to Jordan S

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 24 August 2016.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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