24 Aug 2016 Meeting: On This Day

By Melvyn K


2016-08-24-img_0066Sergeant at Arms Ann M welcomed us all and introduced us to Club President, Jacqui H. Jacqui welcomed us and our guests to the club. She also announced a Toastmasters award for the club for having most new members in May & June in our region. Jacqui then passed us on to our Toastmaster for the Evening, Nour S.

Nour explained the club protocols and introduced the Grammarian, Jordan who explained what she would be looking out for and introduced the word(s) of the day: ERUPT verb, ERUPTION noun. Chris C, the Timer for the evening, explained his role and the importance of keeping on time to run things on schedule.

Prepared speeches

Anna G was our first speaker, confidently delivery Ice Breaker speech entitled ‘ Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!.’

She described the major decisions that she made in her life and their affect on her family. After having 3 kids and doing a college course she got into the fashion & beauty industry, then started to organise fashion shows and do overseas trips to do the same. However, when her family’s life at home started to suffer she decided it was time to quit.

Ice Breaker by Anna G

Our second speaker was Emilio S. His speech was project 4: A Touching Story from the Storytelling advanced manual. It described how a couple, after a fulfilling three-year relationship and subsequent marriage, learnt how to deal with the problems when they observed the example of their neighbours. Not asking Why, why, why?” all the time but “What can I do to make your day better?”

Maria James, a guest but experienced speaker from Camberley Speakers, gave a talk about her experience in the Humorous Speech contest when she was a D91 finalist in 2015. She described how she had been doing public speaking since 2009. In 2013 she started taking part in competitions and learnt eventually what it takes to become a competition the winner rather than the runner up.

As an Antipodean she did a speech on ‘Becoming British’, donning a fetching sequinned Union Jack dress. She also related how she was always tweaking her speeches to the size and type of audience, conquering her fears in a mixture of excitement and apprehension at times. Maria’s speech was humorous and engaging. She also did a short but very helpful Q & A on practicing and preparing for humorous speeches. The video of her session is available to club members.

Table Topics

2016-08-24-img_4438Karolina E was the Table Topics Master of the evening. She introduced the theme to her session: “Experience of memorable days” – she pointed out the aim to encourage us to develop and use our skills of thinking quickly on the spot.

Paola K was up first, answering inventively about her experience of finding a lost Instagram pet, a Domo, by the side of the road.

Jordan S was the second in line, describing how she was abducted by aliens while Pokemon hunting, being taken away to Mars, feeling homesick and then gratefully being returned back home to Earth.

The third person was Anantha who had to talk about the day she wore eye patches on both eyes. A scary experience, but she overcame it with some eruptions of laughter and help from strangers and friends.

Steve, a brave and adventurous guest, was the next person called upon to talk about the day he met his long lost, unknown sister and the dilemma of whether to kiss her or not.

The next Table Topic was that of a memorable Near Death Experience. Emilio S related the day he tried to mistakenly take a selfie at the zoo with a hungry Lion with dire and nearly fatal consequences.

Finally Chris C answered how he dealt with the nightmare scenario of the day he left his keys in the house and how his son miraculously saved the day and helped him to get back inside.


Jacqui H evaluated Anna’s Ice Breaker; Jacqui commended her Anna on her confidence in front of an audience and also her ability to give a speech without the use of notes. However, she recommended that Anna perhaps walk forward slightly on the stage whenever she started to feel apprehensive and also to look at a friendly face in the audience. Jacqui commended Anna on having a very listenable voice as well as for doing an enjoyable and enlightening Ice Breaker!

Paola K evaluated Emilio‘s speech; she commended him on using the right techniques to arouse emotion and having a good narrative at the beginning and end of the speech. She mentioned that a good dialogue was going on throughout the story but recommended that he maybe add slightly more description to elevate things further. Also for him to face the audience more & ‘fake’ confidence, using different parts of the stage more and varying voice volume.

Jordan S gave us her Grammarian report with a big smile. She commented that we had lots of ‘eruptions’ during the evening, as the word of the day had been well used with also good reminders. She also noted there was a distinct lack of “umm”s & “ahh”s, with good grammar and diction used by the speakers throughout. (Her new favourite word is Modulate, which had been used by Jacqui).

Ann M was our General Evaluator for the night as well as Sergeant at Arms. She started with an evaluation of the Table Topics session and gave an overall fantastic evaluation to each speaker with good commendations and recommendations.

Ann appreciated Karolina‘s inventive yet scary Table Topic questions ; also all the brave and creative Table Topics speakers who were unflummoxed when giving their impromptu answers together with being were poised and understandable. Ann appreciated the prepared speeches (Anna G, Emilio S & Maria James), both Speech Evaluators (Jacqui H & Paola K), Chris C for good timekeeping and for Nour S for creating a very good atmosphere as Toastmaster of the Evening.

On a final note, it was sad to hear that one of the 4 original founders of the club, Anantha, is now moving house to pastures new but that her and the original founder’s aim of starting a well run and friendly speakers club has succeeded very well.

Paola K, Most Interesting (or Expressive) Use of English


Club President, Jacqui H, presented the following certificates to members:

  • Ice Breaker: Achievement Unlocked to Anna G
  • Most Expressive Use of English to Paola K
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day to Nour S
  • Best Table Topic Jordan S

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 14 September 2016.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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