26 Oct 16 Meeting: Disney!

By Julie H


2016-10-26-jacqui-sSergeant-at-Arms Ann M started the meeting and welcomed us. She announced that Jagz would not be available as a meeting venue next year. All Souls’ Church in South Ascot and The Pavilion in Sunningdale are being considered as new venues. Ann asked if anyone knew of any other possible venues to let her know.

Jacqui H announced the club’s Christmas Dinner on 7th December at The Winning Post in Winkfield.

Toastmaster Jordan S started the meeting wearing an engaging set of Micky Mouse ears and explained the theme was Disney “fictional fairy godmothers and the bare necessities; a flying elephant and the boy that never grew up” were just some of the characters she mentioned in her introduction. We were advised to “sit back and relax to infinity and beyond.”

Mike M was Grammarian. He described what he would be looking for and gave us the word of the day – Rapture – to reflect the excitement and happiness that the theme parks brings.

Prepared Speeches

Nour S delivered her speech, “Speech, Speech, Speech” with visual aids. Nour informed us how to request a speech at Ascot speakers using a weighted system:

  • +7 for being a new member
  • -5 for giving a speech
  • +1 point for doing a role role
  • +1 for every calendar month

The more points you accrue, the more you are encouraged to speak.

The second speaker was Nikita P with her speech “Conversing with ease” from the Interpersonal Communication advanced manual. Nikita talked about how it becomes second nature to meet people. She demonstrated how we can make an impression. On one of her sales courses a delegate knocked on the door – or table – and made his first impression by saying, “hello, I want to be the father of your children.” That’s one way to be remembered, but might not work in every situation. When you want to interview for research, you need to build rapport and progress through the engagement process using four steps: 1) establishing small talk, 2) gaining facts, 3) opinion and 40 how do you feel about that? Anna G was welcomed to the stage to demonstrate.

The third speaker was Jacqui with her “Values and Leadership” Educational speech. She started by asking if we’d thought about our “values” and how this would benefit us. We then participated in sharing our values integrity, transparency, wisdom, kindness and respect. Trust, consistency, respect and integrity are fundamental.

Jacqui encouraged us go home and write our values down.

Jacqui H, Least Ahh’s and Umms

Table Topics

Karolina E was the Table Topics Master and, with eight weeks to Christmas, she told us about her fictional dinner party. She asked her guests what they would be doing. All her guests were Disney Characters.

Sheila HA – aka Cinderella – apologised for not having her pumpkin with her and told us about her dinner preparations.

Julie H– aka Elsa – would be warm and toasty by the fire.

Evil Queen – aka Ann M – was not super sensitive.

James H – aka Prince Charming – lost his glass slipper.

Nicola M – aka Snow White – told us about going to Austria where there’s plenty of snow.

Chris C – aka Robin Hood – told us about his sponsored swim and Rolls Royce.

Ann M, Most Interesting Use of English & Best Table Topic


Ann M evaluated Nour S’s speech, congratulating Nour on making something complicated sound easy.

Chris C evaluated Nikita P’s speech, congratulating her on doing something new.

Kasia C evaluated Jacqui H’s speech and complemented her interaction with the audience.

Julie H evaluated the Table Topics speeches.

Grammarian Mike M delivered his report. He complimented Jordan S on how she had managed to weave Disney quotes into all her speaking parts.

Jordan S received a rapturous applause for congratulating Mike M for having “Big ears like Dumbo” for picking all the language and comments that he did.

James H gave a very thorough General Evaluation report, which at times he said was an evaluation of and evaluation of an evaluation.

Jacqui H closed the meeting.

Area Director, Monica H, gave closing statements. She congratulated us on our standards and communications with members. She also commended the information on the tables welcoming everyone to the stage. She also congratulated Nour S on how she had organised the speeches.

Ann M called the meeting to an end.

Julie H, Best Evaluator


Best Table Topic to Ann M.

Best Evaluator to Julie H.

Best Use of the Word of the Day to Jordan S.

Least Ums and Ahs to Jacqui H.

Most Interesting (or Expressive) Use of English to Ann M.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 9th November 2016.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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