9 Nov 2016 Meeting: Philosophy

By Kasia C


Hira S with two awards

Toastmaster Nikita P was leading the meeting. She chose Philosophy as a theme. Nikita gave a good introduction and shared some interesting facts, e.g.,. the times when talking about free will was prohibited.

Grammarian was Nicola M. This was her first time in the role and her chosen Word Of The Day was Personal.

Jacqui H opened the meeting with some good and sad news. The good news was that Jacqui thinks her pet has a pet. We enjoyed listening to baby squirrel story Jacqui had happening that morning.

Sad news is that Paola K, Club Sponsor and first member, is leaving at the end of December. Jacqui encouraged members to take on one of Paola’s officer roles: Secretary, Treasurer or Webmaster.

Prepared Speeches

First to speak was Melvyn K with his second speech from the Competent Communication manual and was entitled “Wellbeing and Lifeforce”. Melvyn instructed us how we can protect ourselves against SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Early morning sunshine, vegetable sprouts and juices are beneficial.

Next was Karolina E with a well-researched speech entitled “Helping you stay connected”. Karolina talked about how the mobile system works. She demonstrated using two members of the audience the different frequencies and told us when the videos streaming from her mobile are most likely to buffer.

Third Speaker was Hira S with visual aids presentation “What are they doing right?” We learnt how to increase our productivity by managing time, space and mindset. The biggest take aways were: it takes 26 minutes to recover from distraction. The solution would be to plan your day in advance. Manage your space by having a clean working environment, switch off notifications and check your emails at specific times of the day only. To improve your mindset you should call instead of using email and write a stop-doing-list.

Hira S, Best Speaker and Most Impressive Use of English

Table Topics

Table Topic Master was Ann M and she was the top philosopher that evening and she had many captivating questions to ask.

Jacqui H would take on the world by turning into Mickey Mouse and bring lots of Technicolour into our lives.

Jordan S gave us example of what sort of arguments friendships can’t survive by using colour black, grey and white. Personality clashes can occur when colors are interpreted differently.

Chris C cleverly said that we are here to practice our speaking, leadership, evaluation and timing skills.

James H shared a story about what fruit once almost killed him. Now he always asks if there is a kiwi in his smoothy. Smoothies make him stronger.

Sheila HA announced a new law stating that everybody should have a dog. Dogs are great company, help people to exercise by going for a walk, are there if you need help and are source of fun because we can teach them tricks.

Kasia C felt lost for a second but quickly regained her confidence by talking about how she found herself.

Best Table Topic by Jacqui H


Evaluations are a good way to learn and to think critically.

Nour S complimented Melvyn on his smooth use of transitions and recommended to use notes in larger fonts and place it on the podium.

Jordan S complimented Karolina on her use of the stage and vocal variety. One of the recommendations was to give more facts and statistics.

Sheila HA thought that Hira used the power of three very well, but suggested to use PowerPoint in the future to make a greater impact.

Table Topic Evaluator for the first time was Anna G. She gave everyone an in-depth evaluation. Anna varied her style by commanding confident speakers, evaluating content and concluded by giving good recommendations.

Nicola M gave an in-depth Grammarian’s report. She commended members on excellent use of quotes. She thanked Sheila, Ann, Chris and Anna for use of the word Personal.

Also in a new role was General Evaluator Hannah M. She was excellent in her role by giving many good recommendations on how future meetings can be improved even more.

Best Evaluator and Best Use of the Word of the Day, Sheila HA


Club President Jacqui H handed out all awards including:

  • Hira S for Most Imaginative Use of English
  • Sheila HA for Best Use of the Word of the Day
  • Hira S won Best Speaker award
  • Sheila HA won Best Evaluator award
  • Jacqui H won Best Table Topic award

Jacqui H concluded by quoting Henry Ford “ Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right”

Ann M closed the meeting promising that next venue will be warmer.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 23 November 2016.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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