23 Nov 2016 Meeting: Legacy

By Nikita P


Jordan S, Halfway to Competent Communicator

James H opened our meeting, standing in as Sergeant at Arms. He was also the Videographer for the meeting. James introduced Jacqui H, our President. She welcomed Nikita P as our Treasurer and Melvyn K as our Webmaster to the club committee.

Our Toastmaster, who led our meeting, was Ann M. She chose Legacy as her theme as it was our last meeting at Jagz. She cited buildings as lasting legacies but our club’s reputation as our legacy to it, every role we do contributing to it. Melvyn, our Grammarian, announced Achievement as his word of the day. Charlotte S, introduced her role as Timer.

Prepared Speeches

Julie H spoke first and was later voted Best Speaker with her speech “I went into the woods” as Competent Communication project 3 – Get to the Point. Julie ensnared our interest with a riddle about what occurred in the woods, leading to a demonstration of how stories can be woven into speeches, how to be positive about goal setting: “Arrive early” is better than “Don’t be late”.

With perhaps our longest title so far, Reshmi B’s speech “Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile” as Competent Communication project 5 – Your Body Speaks explained how the “Golden Ratio” relates to smiles, teeth and facial features. Crow’s feet reveal true happiness, smiling is linked to reward in the brain and is perceived as trustworthy. Liars don’t smile much!

Jordan S was our final speaker with her poem “People Watching” as Competent Communication project 5 – Your Body Speaks delivered fully in rhyme for over 6 minutes from memory. This remarkable feat gained her rapturous applause. She wove an American queue-jumping, British love of moaning and corporate boardroom biscuit culture into her theme.

Best Speaker, Julie H

Table Topics

Kasia C was our Table Topics Master. Her was mysterious legacy items in 5000 AD, when humans live only underground without nature or sun, using intuition to communicate!

Hira S spoke about a curious legacy device doubling up as both electronic toothbrush and hair remover!

James H – later voted best Table Topic Speaker – spoke about a “time capsule” containing the last drops of water from a long dried up waterfall.

Nikita P conveyed telepathically using intuition, her concerns about an “unknown item” that might pose a threat to civilisation (a book).

Sheila HA spoke about a “preserved pygmy” that would take pride of place in a hilltop museum.

Anna G explained the functions of a legacy multipurpose gadget that was used for “writing”, no longer needed.

Jacqui  described the importance of her family heirloom, apparently a “fan belt” from a liquid burning vehicle!

Mike M explained the purpose of a gadget that apparently came from a legacy “Mark One Ford Escort”

Best Table Topic by James H


Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well.

Jacqui H commended Julie H for starting with a question, using no notes and going full circle in her speech, suggesting more detail and more careful selection of stories.

Chris C commended Reshmi B for her flowing body language and for ending her speech perfectly with her long title. He recommended more expressive gestures, not keeping hands low.

Sheila HA – later voted Best Evaluator – congratulated Jordan S on her delightful use of poetry and great expression, suggesting discrete notes as an aide memoir to avoid unplanned hesitation due to delayed recall.

Evaluating Table Topics, Mike M commended Hira S for engaging her audience, James H for getting into character, Nikita P for exploring her item in role, Sheila HA for her delivery and relaxed composure, Anna G for her vivid imagination and Jacqui H for her good use of humour.

Melvyn K focused on good grammar and vocabulary, commending Julie H for “help to look outside the box”, Reshmi B for “tango between the eyes and mouth”, Jordan S‘s incredible rhyming, James H’s “Sanskrit”, Anna G’s “very precious” and Jacqui H‘s “reunited with an heirloom”.

Nour S as General Evaluator commended James H, Ann M, Charlotte S and Melvyn K for their performance of their roles. She recommended our club to provide paper for note taking, Ann M in taking control of applause and lead use of the Word of the Day, Charlotte S to demonstrate the timing lights and Nikita P to TYPE her blog LESS NOISILY! (Sorry!)

Jacqui H concluded our meeting with the awards, including “Half Way to Competent Communicator” awards for Jordan S and Reshmi B. The Best Use of the Word of the Day – “Achievement” – and Most Expressive Use of English to Jordan S. Least “Ahh”s and “Umm”s went to Julie H. Finally, Jacqui reminded us that our club Christmas dinner will be on 7th December.

Best Evaluator, Sheila HA


  • Best Speaker – Julie H
  • Best Evaluator – Sheila HA
  • Best Table Topic – James H
  • Halfway to Competent Communicator – Reshmi B and Jordan S
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day – Jordan S
  • Most Expressive Use of English – Jordan S
  • Least “Ahh”‘s and “Umm”‘s – Julie H

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 30th November 2016.



Halfway through the Competent Communication manual, Reshmi B and Jordan S.

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