24 May 2017 Meeting: Performance

By Melvyn K


Ann M opened the meeting as Sergeant at Arms and introduced Jacqui H, our President. She welcomed our guest Karen.

Toastmaster Melvyn K had chosen “Performance” as the theme of the meeting after being in Kiev just prior to the start of the Eurovision Song contest.

In her second role of the night Grammarian Ann M said “watch out I’m listening carefully” before introducing the word of the day “Accomplishment”. Emily A introduced her role as Timer.


Successful completion of Competent Communicator
manual at Ascot speakers Hira S.

Prepared Speeches

Jacqui H spoke first with her speech “Do you have one?” as  Communicating on video #1 -Straight talk. She elaborated on the many benefits of having a Mentor like even famous people such as Richard Branson do.

Hira B then spoke about “It never gets easier but you get better” as Competent Communication Manual 10 – Inspire Your Audience”.  Her inspirational talk related how she regained her fitness after motherhood by taking up running half marathons.

Nikita P told us about “The Coach” as part of her Competent Interpersonal Communication – 4. In a short talk followed by an ‘informal’ coaching interview with Emily A and also a brief Q & A session with the audience we learnt how the coach can ascertain someone’s shortfalls in performance and then help improve improve upon it.


Competent Communicator (First ten speeches completed). Hira S receives award from Club President Jacqui H.


Most expressive use of English. Nikita P receives award from Club President Jacqui H.

Table Topics

Nicola M was our Table Topics Master with the theme of “Performance”.

Karen (guest) was asked to give her recollections about giving a controversial talk when appearing as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Sheila C spoke about the time she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing wafting across the room with Brendan Cole.

Ann M spoke about how she outwitted Rodger Federer on the tennis court.

James H told us about his performance in the worst ever James Bond movie.

Emily A spoke about her best ever musical performance at the London Olympic Games.

Olivia A told us about here appearance on the Apprentice.

Jacqui H was asked to tell us about her experience of doing a standup comedy routine at the local Comedy club.

Best Table Topic. Ann M receives award from Club President Jacqui H.


Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well and we had some very good ones tonight.

David D liked Jacqui H‘s speech ‘Have you got one?’. Liked the excellent opening with attention grabbing start and use of well known names, clear articulation and diction with good pitch of voice.

Olivia S said Hira S  had succeeded in inspiring the audience with her speech ‘It never gets easier but it gets better’. She liked the emotional connection with the audience and calm, collected pace of Hira’s story.

James H said Nikita P had woken us up with her question ‘Do we have access to a coach?’. He liked how she talked about ‘Performativity’, how we become the role we step into. He also commended her Nikita’s engaging real life coaching session she gave us with Emily A.

Evaluating Table Topics, Mike M thought all the table topics were excellent tonight and said he really liked Karen‘s confident table topics performance as a guest. He also liked Sheila description of wafting around the dance floor. Ann M with her winning strategy for playing Rodger Federer and James H for his description of standing in for Sean Connery as James Bond in ‘Never Say Never Again’. Also Nikita P talking about her story about winning promotion. Emily A as Timer confirmed all speakers were in time.

Ann M as Grammarian liked the many examples of good English including the use of Mentor’s Mentor and impactful in Jacqui‘s speech. Also phrases used by Hira S ,  such as compelling reasons, consistency & regularity, ‘You’re a winner everytime you show up’. Also ‘zone of proximal development’ by Nikita, juxtaposed by Mike M and instant engagement by David D.

General Evaluator Sheila H commented that she liked some changes to the layout at the back of the hall we had made since her last visit and loved the theme for the evening.

Jacqui H (in her other role as Club President) concluded our meeting with the awards, including a Competent communicator award for Hira S for completing her first 10 speeches! Best Table Topic award to Ann M and Best Evaluator to James H. The Best Use of Word of the Day went to David D and Most Expressive Use of English to Nikita P.

Sergeant at Arms Ann then closed the meeting.

Best Evaluator. James H receives award from Club President Jacqui H.


Best use of Word of the Day. David D receives award from Club President Jacqui H.


  • Best Evaluator – James H
  • Best Table Topic – Ann M
  • Competent Communicator – Hira S
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day – David D
  • Most Expressive Use of English – Nikita P

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 14th June 2017.


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