14 Jun 2017 Meeting: Fair Play

By Nikita P


Ann M opened our meeting at All Souls Church, South Ascot, as Sergeant at Arms. Ann introduced Jacqui H, our President. She welcomed our guests including Toastmasters Area Director Monica H.

Our Toastmaster, who led our meeting, was Mike M. He chose Fair Play as his theme. Ann M, (in her dual role) was also our Grammarian, she announced Judge as her word of the day. Melvyn M, introduced his role as Timer.

Ice Breaker Achievement award for Emily A

Prepared Speeches

Emily A spoke first and was later voted Best Speaker with her speech “Hideously Beautiful Creatures” as Competent Communication project 1 – Ice Breaker.

Charlotte S was our second speaker with her speech “Get out!” as Competent Communication project 3 – Get To the Point.

Kasia C was our final speaker with her speech entitled “Public Speaking Mistakes to Avoid” as Comunicating on video project 5 – Instructing on the Internet.

Best Speaker – Emily A


Most Expressive Use of English – Charlotte S

Table Topics

Anna G was our Table Topics Master for the night and shared her summer holiday mood in her table topics questions.

Chris C ably answered the question ‘What’s best about summer?’

Louise (Guest) elaborated on the alternative question ‘What do you dislike about summer?’

Adam (Guest) told us about his worst vacation flight.

Julie H spoke about her memories of long sunny days.

Monica H (Guest) explained how to keep cool on hot sticky days.

Nour S  described how she would pass the time on her longest car journeys.

20170614_213736 Best Table Topic
Best Table Topic – Monica H


Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well.

Nicola M commended Emily A for an excellent Ice Breaker speech.

Chris C commended Charlotte S for a well thought out speech.

Julie H commended Kasia C for her poise whilst giving her speech to video despite some technical difficulties .

Evaluating Table Topics, Nikita P commended Louise, Adam our guests on their participation in the table topics.

Ann M as Grammarian focused on good grammar and vocabulary, commending the speakers for using lots of short informative phrases.

Jacqui H as General Evaluator commended Ann M for her well observed Grammarian summary.

Jacqui H concluded our meeting with the awards, including “Ice Breaker Achievement” award for Emily A. The Best Use of the Word of the Day – “Judge” went to Mike M – and Most Expressive Use of English to Charlotte S. Jacqui also introduced Monica H on her last visit to All Souls as Toastmasters Area Director and commended us for holding our AGM just prior to tonights meeting as an essential part of Club Governance.

Best Evaluator – Nikita P


Best Use of Word of the Day – Mike M


  • Best Speaker – Emily A
  • Icebreaker Achievement Unlocked Prize – Emily A
  • Best Evaluator – Nikita P
  • Best Table Topic – Monica H (Guest)
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day – Mike M
  • Most Expressive Use of English – Charlotte S

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 12th July 2017.




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