28 Jun 2017 Meeting: Losing touch

By Melvyn K


Ann M opened our meeting as the Sergeant at Arms at Ascot Speakers  She in turn introduced Jacqui H, our President who welcomed our 2 new members and 9 guests too.

Our Toastmaster, who led our meeting, was Hira S. She chose Losing Touch as her theme, as she reflected that sometimes people can get forgotten about these days, e.g Politicians losing touch with the public. Melvyn, our Grammarian, announced Neglect as his word of the day and Emily A, introduced her role as Timer.


Prepared Speeches

Julie H spoke first and was later voted Best Speaker with her speech “Keep on running” as Competent Communication project 7 – Research Your Topic. Julie captured our attention as aspiring runners by inspiring us to be run further, faster and actually finish.

Our second speech was from Chris C whose speech “On the Night” was from Competent Communication project 5 – Your Body Speaks. He wonderfully explained the nightlife to be found in our home town of Ascot.

Jacqui H was our final speaker with her speech “Tell me about Mentoring” as Communicating on video 2  – the Interview show. She was interviewed by experienced Toastmaster Trish visiting from Windsor Speakers.

Best Speaker – Julie H


Table Topics

Mike M was our Table Topics Master. His was mysterious legacy items in 5000 AD, when humans live only underground without nature or sun, using intuition to communicate!

Ann M spoke about a how politicians can stay in touch with voters by taking into account those with different views, i.e. our offspring.

Sami H spoke about what she would be prepared to give up in times of austerity. Maybe a bit more and tax and even adding to her shoe collection!

Pureshmi P told us about how she keeps up with modern trends by using social media like Facebook, talking to the younger generation and googling everything.

Mark M told us in answer to what was the most unusual food you’ve eaten while he was abroad about the Lebanese delicacy of Lambs testicles and that you definitely need to bring your tomato ketchup .

Reshmi B explained what her greatest pain in life was. When people can’t recycle properly, putting the wrong things in the wrong bins.

Chris C  was asked how he would keep grounded after his lottery win. He noted that even though 20 million didn’t go far these days he would poignaintly like to keep a minutes silence for the recent the Grenfell tower tragedy.

Jacqui H elaborated on how producers can keep in touch with their consumer.

Adam (Guest) told us how nowadays we are surrounded with Digital technology we can lose touch with nature.

Best Table Topic – Adam (Guest)


Evaluations teach us how to deliver constructive feedback well.

Jacqui H commended Julie H for starting with a question, using no notes and going full circle in her speech, suggesting more detail and more careful selection of stories.

Chris C commended Reshmi B for her flowing body language and for ending her speech perfectly with her long title. He recommended more expressive gestures, not keeping hands low.

Sheila HA – later voted Best Evaluator – congratulated Jordan S on her delightful use of poetry and great expression, suggesting discrete notes as an aide memoir to avoid unplanned hesitation due to delayed recall.

Evaluating Table Topics, Olivia C commended Hira S for engaging her audience, James H for getting into character, Nikita P for exploring her item in role, Sheila HA for her delivery and relaxed composure, Anna G for her vivid imagination and Jacqui H for her good use of humour.

Melvyn K focused on good grammar and vocabulary, commending Julie H for her imaginative descriptions “like a Gazelle”, Reshmi B for “tango between the eyes and mouth”, Jordan S‘s incredible rhyming, James H’s “Sanskrit”, Anna G’s “very precious” and Jacqui H‘s “reunited with an heirloom”.

Nicola M as General Evaluator commended James H, Ann M, Charlotte S and Melvyn K for their performance of their roles. She recommended our club to provide paper for note taking, Ann M in taking control of applause and lead use of the Word of the Day, Charlotte S to demonstrate the timing lights and Nikita P to TYPE her blog LESS NOISILY! (Sorry!)

Jacqui H concluded our meeting with the awards, including “Half Way to Competent Communicator” awards for Jordan S and Reshmi B. The Best Use of the Word of the Day – “Neglect” went to Chris C.

Best Evaluator – Reshmi B

Best Use of Word of the Day – Chris C



  • Best Speaker – Julie H
  • Best Evaluator – Reshmi B
  • Best Table Topic – Adam (Guest)
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day – Chris C
  • Most Expressive Use of English – Julie H

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 26th July 2017.



Halfway through the Competent Communication manual, Reshmi B and Jordan S.

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