By Melvyn K


Melvyn K kicked off the meeting in this week of World Cup Football fever as our Sargeant at Arms. He gave a quick intro into facilities at Ascot Speakers Club then handed over to Ann M, who was sadly doing her last appearance as club president at the meeting after a great and exciting tenure. Ann welcomed our guests and thanked all the new board memebers for accepting their roles. She then handed back to Melvyn K who was also Toastmaster for the evening.

Melvyn gave us his apt theme for the evening ‘Summertime’ and then went through our club protocol HATS. He then introduced Maria K as our Timer for the evning who explained her role, followed by Nick H, who explained his role as Grammarian and told us his word of the day ‘Conquer’. Melvyn then mentioned the agenda for the evening before he introduced the first speaker.


Prepared Speeches

Hassan S spoke first with his Icebreaker speech entitled ‘Embrace Change’, (Pathways Innovative Planning #1 Icebreaker) telling us about himself, his values, successes and challenges after studying at University and moving here from abroad.

Puveshni P was our second speaker with her speech ‘Does ethical responsibility sit within the confines of the Law?’, Pathways Dynamic Leadership #3 Evaluation and feedback). Her poignant talk was about the story of a mother who had the cannabis oil used to treat her son’s severe epilepsy confiscated at Heathrow Airport and the explanations & implications behind it all.

Chris C gave us our final prepared speech entitled ‘All you need is Love’ with audio musical accompaniment. (Competent Communication Manual #10 Inspire your Audience).

Best Speaker – Puveshni P

Table Topics

Damian C was our Table Topics Master for the night and gave us some great summertime questions.

First up was Mark M giving us his favoured option of which summer sporting event he would like to attend, namely the World Cup final (with England hopefully playing). Next was Sheila H who told us about her trip to Royal Ascot in her reply to the question ‘which posh summertime society event would you attend?’. With excellent detail she elaborated on the age old problem of what to wear which successfully managed to solve. Maria K then answered on what was her choice between a barbecue of a picnic, she opted for having a wonderous barbecue. James H followed up by telling us excitedly about his favourite barbecue food, preferably something someone else has cooked for him. Tom (guest) then told us about what was is favourite sort of holiday as a child, namely a simple but joyful trip to Clacton, Essex and the excitement of some of the rides on the pier. Julie H told us about how she spent her summer holidays, delightfully running through a field of buttercups as a young child and damming streams to catch fish. Finally Jacqui H had to answer the difficult question ‘what is your biggest holiday disaster?’, hers was when she went on holiday as an independent 16 year old to the Isle of Man supposedly without her family but meeting up with them anyway.


Our first evaluator was Ann M who was evaluating Hassan S with his Icebreaker speech ‘Embrace Change’. She said that Hassan had clearly met his goals of introducing himself. She was impressed by his confident demeanour and controlled pace (something hard to master) with the effective use of pauses. She also pointed out that there was some use of notes and this reduced Hassan’s ability to use the stage and for eye contact. More use of incidences on his journey (moving from one culture to another) would have been useful. Ann commended Hassan on his humility, in wanting to change himself before changing the world, encapsulated in the phrase ‘be the change you want to see’.

Our next evaluator was Frederic who was evaluating Puveshni for her speech ‘Does Ethical Responsibilty sit within the confines of the law?’ Fred really liked the fact that Puveshni had the courage to introduce such an emotional subject in her speech. Also how well she explained the facts behind the story and asked great questions about such a sensitive subject and challenging the way we thought.

Our last prepared speech evaluator was Liam, who was evaluating Chris C’s speech ‘All you need is Love’. Liam liked the way Chris used emotive language to fulfil the objectives of the speech to inspire your audience.


  • Best Speaker – Puveshni P
  • Best Evaluator – Julie H
  • Best Table Topic – James H
  • Icebreaker Achievement Unlocked Prize – Hassan S
  • Completion of Competent Communicator (10 speeches) – Chris C
  • Best Use of the Word of the Day – Chris C and Jacqui H
  • Most Expressive Use of English – Damien C
  • Least “Ahh”‘s and “Umm”‘s – Puveshni P
Best Table Topic – James H
Best Evaluator – Julie H
Chris C accepting award from Club President Ann M for best use of word of the day and completing 10 competent communicator speeches.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will take place on 25th July 2018.


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