What do Penguins, Fear, and not being Indian have in common?

Written by Jacqui H. DTM

We had an excellent Club Contest last week, with 3 speakers sharing humorous stories about bad Penguins (Jacqui),  overcoming Fear (Ann) and not being Indian (Puveshni)! The contest was won by Ann, who will go on to represent us at the Area 21 contest. The table topics was out of this world (!), and won by Jacqui in a fiercely fought contest, who just pipped Ann and Jonathan to the post. Jacqui can’t attend the Area Contest unfortunately, so Ann will also be representing us in the Area TT contest. Many thanks to Dan, Sheila and their team for making the contest run smoothly and without a hitch, with a special mention for Paul, our new Zoom Master.

Area Contest  (Humorous speech and Table Topics) on 24th October 10:30 am I’m sure that Ann will appreciate you coming along to support her as our contestant. If you can volunteer to be a judge, counter, timer or zoom master – even better, as I know our Area director (Tom) is looking for help.

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