What lies in the Unknown?

Written by Puveshni P.  DL2

Here at Ascot Speakers we choose a theme for each meeting – picked by the toastmaster (host) for the evening.
It was my turn tonight and I chose, “The Unknown” as my theme. Why you may ask?
Well because life itself is one big unknown. We never really know where it’s going to lead us and how we ourselves are going to turn out in the process.

To achieve the best version of ourselves we should ensure we find ourselves in an environment that nourishes us, pushes us forward to be the best we can and helps us strive for better.
Tonight’s meeting was evidence of this sort of environment. From Daniel’s speech on Communication styles, Anna’s Tennis expertise, Nick’s Life on Mount Everest to Kiran’s questions on what life is all about – The speeches delivered tonight were inspiring, informative and intriguing.  It’s rewarding watching these speakers develop their talents over the last few months.

At Ascot Speakers, we all start never really knowing our true potential until we deliver our speeches and hear the feedback from our evaluators. It urges us to come back and better the last version of ourselves.

The impromptu speeches too were indicative of the talent in the room. It was not an easy task tonight, but everyone rose to the challenge and were able to think on their feet and deliver up to two minutes of “storytelling”.

At every Ascot Speakers meeting, although we follow a set pattern, it’s Unknown what the night is going to reveal and what teachings you are going to walk away with.

But this is what makes the evening so entertaining and worth every minute.

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