New beginnings

Written by Jacqui H. DTM

Not only is it a brand new year, but we have a brand new name! To reflect that we now meet in Bracknell, albeit, the Ascot side of Bracknell, we have agreed to change our name to Ascot & Bracknell Speakers. Everything else stays the same – the people, the place and the fun.

Our first meeting of 2020 was a fun one with a great turnout from members who delivered 3 excellent speeches, including an icebreaker from Aaron. With his self deprecating humour, Aaron told us about his political career so far. He is clearly very resilient! He was followed by Tom, who explained the Accountability Ladder and how we can raise ourselves from making excuses for not doing things to taking positive action. Like joining Toastmasters. Finally, Mike took us through the fascinating world of bio-metrics. He raised the question of who owns your data? And asked us whether we were a person of interest? It made me think at least.

Table Topics (impromptu speaking) followed the break, where people were asked to explain various quotes relating to the theme of new beginnings. There were many amusing, creative and interesting explanations from both members and guests. I’m pleased to say that all four guests rose to the occasion and gave it a go as did most of the members.

Our evaluators all gave excellent feedback to the speakers, including Simon who was not only a very last-minute substitute but doing it for the first time too. Well done!

Our grammarian had set us the task of using the word ‘rejuvenation’. Almost everyone managed to squeeze it in somehow, including several of our guests. She picked out several memorable uses of English, including ‘ignominious defeat’ and ‘brain to mouth connection’.

Finally, our General Evaluator praised us for our teamwork in getting the room set up quickly, a feat that was repeated in reverse at the end of the evening.

Another fun evening at Ascot & Bracknell Speakers.

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