Learning about Lurve

With Valentine’s day looming, the theme was Love!  We learned about the 5 Languages of Love from Puveshni, who so inspired us that she won Speaker of the evening! We also learned about the difference between information and Intelligence with a very professional PowerPoint presentation from our newest member Josh. Paul shared his experiences with being lost (or not lost) from the Presentation Mastery pathway. This was followed by another love-themed Table Topics session, won by our experienced Sheila who amused us with her incredible impromptu storytelling skills. Table Topics brought out everyone’s creativity as usual. This was followed by the evaluations, with Karen demonstrating her excellent listening skills to win the best evaluator prize against stiff competition.

Open House on 10th March

This is a special meeting focused on guests. You will see more about this over the next few weeks as we’ll be advertising it on Eventbrite and Facebook. The format is as for a normal club night, but with more time to allow guests to have a go at Table Topics, and with more info about Toastmasters. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining as a guest, please invite them along. We now have an Eventbrite page for people to book. It would be great to see as many members there as possible.

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