Off to see the World!

This was a meeting all about where we would like to go when the Pandemic is over. Fittingly, the word of the day was ‘Trip’. Our newest member, Joshua, gave us a lovely story about his life in his ice-breaker, preceded by Rumana explaining the joys and benefits of Mentors or as she called them ‘Grantors’. A new word for me at least!

Our impromptu session claimed new heights of travel, with trips to the future, trips down memory lane and trips to a plethora of picture perfect places (thank you Sheila!). But the best was from David with his thoroughly delicious speech about the delights of South African food. From the sun cresting over the horizon and the delight of seeing wild animals to cutting up their little brethren and dessert drenched in hot, hot chocolate sauce. Storytelling, eloquence and humour in one package! He deservedly won the best Table Topics prize.

This was followed by the evaluations, with Simon’s fluency rewarded by the best Evaluator prize.

The next club meeting is on 10th February at 7pm. The theme is Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to wear pink with, perhaps, a few hearts. There are several roles still available, so ride your unicorn down to Easyspeak to snap one up.

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