Obsessed with TV

What a start to 2021!  With three speakers and a slightly obsessed Table Topics session from Paul, it was a meeting to remember. The evening began with the welcoming of a brand new member – Joshua, who is raring to go and has already been scheduled to do his Icebreaker. Speaking of Icebreakers, we had two tonight, which was a great treat. To warm us up, our Toastmaster for the evening, Ann, asked us which TV programmes we’d been binge watching recently. The answers ranged from Death in Paradise to News on CNN, from Bridgerton to Road Kill, and House of Cards to A Discovery of Witches. Very eclectic.

Then we had a speech from Simon about Low Code. What is this, you might ask? Well, Simon explained this technical topic using the minimum of jargon. A feat that earned him the award of best speaker. Our two icebreakers came next, beginning with one from Rumana on her new, free Pathway (I hope all those eligible have booked theirs). Rumana had a most intriguing title ‘The flying chicken’ and told us about how she got this nickname growing up. David followed with some fighting talk in his speech about Life and some excellent use of English.

Table Topics was based around the theme of the meeting ‘Binge TV’ and elicited even more variety of ideas. Eventually, the best TT award was won by a very creative and entertaining impromptu speech by Sheila. Finally, we had the evaluations – all excellent as usual – and the best evaluator award was won by Jacqui for her evaluation of the Table Topics.

A special mention goes to Ade, who stepped in at very short notice to be General Evaluator for the first time. A true Toastmaster!The next club meeting is on 27th Januaryat 7pm.

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